Tuesday, July 18, 2017

100 Percent White like whole milk! Not 2 percent, not skimmed, not watered down

I don't know why militant groups like "La Raza" are all fired up about us whites. We are dying and by 2050 will be a minority in the country we founded and settled and brought civilization too! Yes, that's right. White people the minority! You won! Congratulations! You out fucked us! Good job!

How did this happen you might ask? While white liberal men were getting sex change operations in order to look like women, Mexican men were breeding like rabbits! While white liberal men were struggling with gender confusion and sucking dick and taking it up the ass, Mexican men were fathering large families. White liberal men sat back and let their daughters have sexual relations with blacks and didn't say a word much less shoot the black bastard.

While the white family structure disintegrated, the Mexican family remained strong. The few white men who still liked to screw women, had babies with Mexican women, black women, and Asians. Diversity became the ideal! Of course, diversity weakened the white race, reduced it's numbers and is eventually going to drive it to extinction but hey, we white people had it good for 35,000 years! We built the Roman empire and watched it fall. We fought Attila the hun, Genghis Khan and bubonic plague and survived. Little did we realize that it would be the little brown dick that would beat us!

We came to America and conquered the local Indian tribes. No apology, conquest is what people do if they want their race to survive. Nothing personal. We built canals and railroads and roads, settled the west. Bought a large section of land from the French, another large section from the Russians and another large section from Mexico. We built this nation! Sure the Asians provided labor for the railroad, the blacks provided the needed farm labor but the motivating force behind America's growth was white people. Some will call that opposition, colonialism etc. Whatever, the country couldn't wait around for someone to step forward so white people took the reins and steered us all the way to the Moon!

Now that this nightmare called diversity has become so solidly entrenched in our collective consciousness we are adding to the cultural pollution with the desire to import some "refugees".

Who is the only group of people who advocate diversity but are opposed to it personally-the Jews!

Who controls the International Banking System including the Federal Reserve of the United States-Jews!

Ever ask why the United States supports Israel? It is told to by the International bankers/Jews.

Look ahead a couple of hundred years. White people are gone. The planet is inhabited by three groups. Asians (Chinese), Jews and the brand new race I will call the Heinz 57 race. Mixed and blended into a population of mindless slaves who work all day so they can be rewarded with a few video games after work!

the Rat


  1. i'm way more worried about global warming and acidic oceans than mexicans. the previous black president seems to have been a much more competent administrator than the white lunatic currently trying to run things.

    1. I am not going to defend President Trump. I have a wait and see what happens attitude about this current 4 years. I don't know where you live Mr. Rosewater but I am ass deep in Mexican/Americans who are helping their wetback cousins invade America. It is a serious situation where I live. Perhaps when you have a family member hurt, raped or killed by one of these "poor undocumented immigrants" you will realize they were a threat that should have been taken seriously.

  2. I don't understand. Are you saying racism is a remedy for racism?

    1. In my humble opinion having pride in your race doesn't make you a racist. The blacks can openly be proud of being black, the gays can be proud of being gay, the same with the Asians and the Mexicans. If I white man says he is proud to be a white person he is labeled a racist, a fascist, a Nazi and the names and judgments just keep coming. It doesn't matter to be truthful, we waited to long to do anything about our extinction. I am just venting my frustration not expecting to make any social change. Check for yourself, whites will be a minority by 2050 and so will white/Europeans. It doesn't seem to matter to bother a lot of whites because they have always taken being white for granted. We won't be around to see President Pedro Gonzalez Lopez deny food stamps to the low life gringos.

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