Monday, July 3, 2017

3rd of July Post!

I have trouble with National Patriotic holidays. Memorial day and Veterans day are both sales. An excuse to barbecue and drink and "party". The fact that brave men and women surrendered a portion of their time if not their lives for our continued Freedom is often overlooked.

Now here is another Fourth of July! Another excuse to have a god damned sale, shoot off fireworks and celebrate freedoms we no longer have but are to stupid to notice are long gone. This country sold out to the International Bankers in 1913! with the passage of the Federal Reserve Act. I'll do the math, relax. 104 years ago. They print nice looking monopoly money and charge us interest for it! Our national debt is almost 20 trillion dollars. That's trillion with a T. Interest on some printed up paper. If we had printed our own money we wouldn't owe that 19+trillion dollars to the International bankers.

The constitution ( you remember the constitution don't you?) said that the government was supposed "to coin our money and regulate the value." Article 1, section 8. But the so called Federal Reserve took that job over in 1913 and now we owe the bastards almost 20 trillion dollars for nothing. A lot of Americans are stupid. They think because it is the "Federal" reserve it is part of the government. It isn't. It is privately owned and operated. The word "Reserve" is to hide the fact that it is a foreign bank! That's right , it isn't even American. Look it up!

On the left is Federal Reserve notes, on the right is Monopoly money. 

Interesting document the Constitution of the United States. I recommend you read it sometime. President Kennedy read it and tried to get rid of the Federal Reserve with Executive order 11100.What did he get for his efforts- a bullet in the face from the grassy knoll! Executive order 11100 was never revoked so the Federal Reserve should have been fired as our money maker back in the 60's. But Johnson took over and no one ever brought it up again! Better article than this over at Coyote Prime. Check it out!

Since the 1960's the majority of that 19+ Trillion dollar debt has accumulated and is now close to 20 trillion. The middle class has been destroyed. The rich are the richest they have ever been, tax cuts see to it they pay the least amount of taxes they have ever paid, armed gangs are taking over our major cities , the longest war in American history is still ongoing in Afghanistan but other than that, it's all good.

Shoot off some fireworks tomorrow! Forget you are a slave for a few hours. Get home early and go to bed. Got to get up the next day and pay for that National Debt!

the Mohave rat


  1. Some good points & some things to look up. Thanks Mr Rat!

    1. If you are really interested and have the time I recommend you watch "The Secret of OZ" documentary on YouTube. It explains the whole monetary system in great detail, the history and the whys and wherefores. It is an hour and a half of your time that will give you more information on the subject than taking a class for a semester in some over priced college.


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