Sunday, July 30, 2017

Blending of the races will not promote the harmony the idealists seek

It seems like every time I express a viewpoint half the egocentric trolls come crawling out into the light to defend against the "personal" attack I made on them. The fact that there are 7and a half billion people on the planet doesn't matter. My remarks touch a nerve and all of a sudden here they are, debating their little asses off! The ones that are not offended on a personal level are liberals who think it is their job to defend everyone on the current downtrodden, disenfranchised list of poor wretches who must be elevated to "equal" status even if nature had other plans for them.

You may notice that I don't use racial slurs on my blog. I don't advocate violence (at least not yet!) and I try very hard to be respectful of others regardless of there race or views. If only everyone tried as hard as me to be fair. What does debating me accomplish exactly. Do you think you are going to change my mind or are you just being combative for the sheer hell of it?

Interracial marriage in the USA has only been legal since 1967. In 1960 the number of interracial marriages was around .4 percent of the population. Recent figures show an increase of almost 8 percent! About 2.9 percent of the population or 9 million or so.  Some people think that is a good thing. I don't happen to agree and there lies the problem for some. Tolerance is not good enough, you must have unconditional acceptance and nothing less will do! Sorry, but fuck you ! I don't like it but I will be polite and respectful as I possibly can.

Calling people racial slurs and making crude jokes and posting rude and crude cartoons would not do anything to advance my views. On the contrary, calm and rational thinking should be the order of the day. But no! everyone gets all excited and worked up and will not listen to any kind of reason. Forced assimilation will not bring about world peace! It will breed new kinds of problems. The anger and mistrust will still be there. Blending of the races will not promote the harmony the idealists seek. That is my opinion and you are not likely to change it.

the Rat


  1. Your assurance that "You may notice that I don't use racial slurs on my blog" might be more comforting had you not used the term "black bastard" on your June 28th and July 18th posts.

    1. The black bastard I referred to on June 28th was a criminal shot by the police who intimidated and threatened not only a store owner but the police. Good riddance!

      The second individual I referred to as a black son of a bitch was guilty of raping a 13 year old white girl.

      I stand by those comments. Your chicken shit remarks are starting to piss me off Geo. Go suck a black cock you liberal pansy ass mother fucker. Write a fucking poem about enlightened existence, hug a tree, burn some incense, whatever you social justice warriors do when you are on break!

    2. Gee,coach. Hitler was white. Should I hate all white people? Should I hate all ethnic groups equally on slimmer evidence? Is that equality. I'm confused here. What are you trying to say?

    3. This is the last comment you will make here. You are no longer welcome here. Confused Now?


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