Monday, July 24, 2017

Can't beat them, loan them money.

It is not my intention to be angry or militant, merely realistic. The fantasy world that most people live in is a giant delusion, created by television and the media, movies and music. If we can't be controlled with guilt, the manipulators will switch to fear. Whatever is required to keep the blindfold tightly in place.

It worked before and it is working again!

Awareness of the reality of things might be disturbing but it is necessary if we intend to do anything about our situation. Here in America, my area of concern, I have to ask how much longer the conservatives and the liberals are going to continue to blame each other for all the countries problems while we continue to spiral downward towards anarchy and our once Great Nation disappears forever. Politics is theater. Those of you who are old enough will remember the old cowboy movies. The good guys wore white hats and the bad guys wore black hats and good always triumphed in the end. In the real world, evil wins the majority of the time and the bad guys wear suits and carry briefcases.

Our country is being bled dry .The bankers rob us with never ending interest, the corrupt officials in our government continue to pass trade laws that benefit the rich at the expense of the worker, and the worker is taxed to death while the rich enjoy record profits. This is not fantasy. This is truth! Our money supply is in the hands of foreign banks. They reduce the available currency they cause a recession, they increase the available money and they cause rampant inflation. They can cause shortages or surpluses, bankrupt certain industries while promoting others, bring about wars to create new revenue streams.

Jewish Banker

Always remember that there are two ways to conquer a Nation. War and Debt. If you can't defeat them in battle, loan them money and eventually they will become slaves! This blog will not promote fantasy and  sugarcoat the lies.

The Rat

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