Monday, July 31, 2017

Can't seem to stop Ranting!

First let me say this: I am expressing my opinion here. If you don't like it -kiss my wrinkled up old white ass. This is not a debate or discussion forum. I don't mind answering legitimate questions but I will not get into a bitch fight with some sissy ass liberal to defend my views. I'm a full grown man and a disabled veteran of the military industrial complex and I am entitled to my god damned opinion you communist mother fuckers. Half you gutless fucks would not have the balls to say some of this shit to my face. I weigh 305 lbs. and have a mean streak wide as the Missouri river and have been known to stomp  some fool's ass and make him cry for his mama! You really don't want me to go full Redneck on your ass!

It is possible to be for White people  without being against everyone else. Liberals who argue an agenda of multicultural diversity either ignore that or pretend it isn't the case. I am damned sick and tired of some limp wristed, sissy ass liberal calling me a Nazi and a Racist and a White Supremacist. You don't want me to tell you what I think of you! Trust me... I got nothing against the Jews far as I know but I am half convinced that Zionists are a terrorist group and behind the genocide of the White race!

I would like for someone to explain to me why we give Israel money every year. They call it a loan, but they never pay it back so I call it a gift! They got better health care than Americans! They take care of their old folks unlike here in the good old USA . Why are we giving them money? Does anyone have an answer.

I am god damned mad about the Confederate Flags being removed because some ignorant trouble makers suddenly decide it is a Hate symbol. I am equally mad about the removal of statues of Southern heroes in an attempt to block out a proud heritage. One group's rights being trampled on in order to suck up to another group's ignorant demands. I am a White Southerner. My family came to the Virginia colony in 1677 and we have been in this country ever since! Fuck you!

I changed my picture back to my actual photograph. Handsome old bastard ain't I? I did that because I don't want to be accused of hiding. Maybe I'll be able to write about something else tomorrow, unless some more ignorant as hell comments come in and keep me fired up.

the Rat


  1. The Confederate Flags and those statues should never have been removed. It's a part of history, it happened. It never would have even been made into such a big deal if a few loud mouthed individuals hadn't started raising hell about what they think it stood for. Seems like everything is racist these days and I'm quite sick of it.

    1. It's been over 150 years since the Civil War (the War of Northern Aggression) and suddenly these things are Hate symbols. My steel toed boot up someone's ass is a hate symbol, not the stars and bars of the Confederacy! thanks for weighing in! I appreciate it Ms Mary.

  2. i think the confederate flag is a nice looking flag. if people have the right to bear arms, they should sure as hell have the right to fly their flag. southern flags matter!

    1. Breeding resentment does not solve our racial problems. Giving in to demands is never a good idea in my opinion. This country is so messed up, I have my doubts it can ever get straightened out.


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