Friday, July 14, 2017

Disgusted again! Fuck!

I was rather hoping for more of a response to my invitation to comment. Maybe my "hate" blog is dying a slow agonizing death. Maybe the readership would rather drink buttermilk and read the Gideon and live in denial than face the ugly truth that surrounds them. That is fine. I don't expect to change anyone's mind. Just trying to have a real conversation. An exchange back and forth of opposing views is a discussion. Arguments are different because both sides ideologies are set in stone and there is no room for compromise. I am willing to change my mind if presented with a good argument. No one wants to get in the ring!

Seriously, I didn't feel very good all day. Tried to lay down about 3 times but couldn't get comfortable. Breaking your back will put a real damper on your activities sometimes. ha ha I want debate, discussion, an exchange, not some zombie "fresh brains" grunt as the rhetoric gets repeated ad infinitum. I desire some thinking response. To much to ask apparently. Thanks going out to J L for going a few rounds. You see, I admire his thought processes. I don't always agree with him but I always respect his views because they are "his" views. A thoughtful response instead of "herd" rhetoric.

Trying to garner some stimulating conversation is like squeezing blood from a rock! No one want to engage or lock horns in debate. This is becoming quite boring. I have friends who get a 100 comments a day from titties and beer and memes copied from someplace else. I want to have an adult conversation about adult issues and can't get 4 comments. So much easier to just "unfollow" me and sneak away! Hey, I have been here almost 6 years. I started this blog in 2011. August 9th is the anniversary. May be my last day if things don't perk up some. I am to old to waste my valuable time on something unfulfilling like a blog with only a few comments.

the rat

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