Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Don't let some sorry son of a bitch sneak up on you

47 years ago when I left the hills of West Virginia to serve in the military I was greener than grass! Wet behind the ears is an understatement. I had grown up in West Virginia, besides drinking to much and cheating on their wives people in West Virginia were pretty straight forward. I didn't know about child molesters or whores or dope fiends or homosexuals. Never heard tell of such.

It took me until I was damn near 40 to realize that most people lie their asses off, cheat every chance they get, steal everything that ain't nailed down, and basically ain't worth the 22LR it would take to rid the world of them. First time I got robbed I couldn't believe it. I been robbed twice in my life, both times the thief was black. Coincidence? maybe. When I was 15 I got beat up real bad by a kid bigger and older than me. He was black . Coincidence?

Well, nobody has to draw me a picture. I catch on pretty fast. I got real good at fighting. I keep careful track of my stuff. I have good locks and I use them. I am AWARE. Situational awareness is a basic survival skill. Don't let some sorry son of a bitch sneak up on you and get the drop on you! Pay attention. Some people say I am cynical and have a bad attitude and a poor outlook. I say I live in a jungle where there are only two kinds of people, predators and the nice folks they prey upon. I will not be preyed upon!

Everyday practically you hear about some poor person getting mugged, beat up , killed, robbed , raped or assaulted in some other way. I ask myself. What were they doing there alone, unarmed at that time of night? Why are pretty young girls allowed to walk home alone? It is a dangerous world out there and the really bad stuff happens after dark. How bad does it have to get for you to wake up and accept reality. Those young girls found murdered and raped didn't have a guardian angel looking out for them. They died a horrible death alone. NO one heard their cries for help.

I have lived almost 67 years and have never carried a gun. Never saw the need to have one. If you practice situational awareness you won't be in situations that require one. If you do decide to carry one, make sure you know how to use it proficiently and most important of all, weigh all the philosophical and religious questions ahead of time so you know when you leave the house, you are prepared mentally to kill. Otherwise don't carry a weapon.

be safe!


  1. it's a tough world out there. as a 62 year old guy with arthritic knees, i put my trust in a german shepherd/pitbull cross. a big snarly dog chases away the bad guys.

    1. dogs keep away the punks. evil bastards will poison your dog and sit and wait for him to die. I wish we lived in a lovely meadow full of wild flowers and were surrounded by bunny rabbits but we aren't. good hearing from you! Haven't seen hide or hair of you since Billy Cook's old blog.


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