Wednesday, July 19, 2017

End of another Hump Day!

IN less that 3 weeks this blog will be 6 years old! I currently have  111 followers. If all the people who have quit in the last 6 years were added on I probably would be close to 200. I have averaged a little over 100,000 views per year.  More than that when you figure I did 25,000 views the first year!

Reason I bring this up is I am thinking that August the 8th would be the perfect time to quit blogging. It is sort of addictive in a way but not such a strong addiction I will be unable to quit without withdrawals. Oh, I imagine I will get up and turn the computer on right away for awhile until my feeble old brain remembers I've quit and there are no comments to read and answer.

I never deliberately set out to insult or hurt anyone. I got mad and had a few exchanges with individuals who doubted my honest and integrity. Merely defending myself. I never said anything on this blog that was a lie. Never not once. Yes, I am damned good looking and well hung! ha ha ha ha ha  Maybe I'll keep on blogging but the idea of quitting sure sounds tempting. Who knows? As the anniversary date gets closer I know I will have to decide.

Maybe that's why I have been so brutally honest the last couple of weeks and talked about such controversial subjects. Not wanting to leave anything out before I close up shop. If you can't talk about stuff that bothers you, what the hell is the point of blogging. Hell, I'm way to old for over glorified "show and tell". I don't need to report every little thing like those Tweeter Nuts who report what they had to eat, when they took a dump! how big it was! for god's sake!

If I shut it down completely I will lose touch with many people I have come to consider dear friends. Maybe I'll just cut way the hell back like once a week. I could post music and stuff instead of writing a bunch of posts but that isn't personal it just racks of views. Meaningless views.

Talk to you all later,

the rat


  1. For purely selfish reasons I hope you reconsider retiring Rat. I don't always agree with you, but you are always thought provoking and I greatly appreciate that. Honesty and integrity are as rare as hen's teeth nowadays, and I start each day with a cuppa Joe, looking forward to your musings. The Rat has become part of my daily routine and I'd miss you terribly!
    But, you know, I'd understand...constantly defending yourself has got to be a bit tiring not to mention frustrating. Just do what feels right to you. Unless that means devolving to discussions about size and frequency of BM's...nobody wants to read that!

    1. I suppose I could chronicle my declining health and my slow march towards oblivion! I am sure some of my critics would enjoy that! I may slow down some but I suspicion that the blog will continue as long as I have things worth talking about. Orwell said in a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act! He was right. If I continue I won't pretend everything is just peachy while the world swirls down the crapper of lunacy. It would be dishonest and hypocritical and a terrible disservice to those who read my posts. 100 percent pure truth as I perceive it is what I can promise. Another quote comes to mind. The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off. take care of yourself son and your lovely family! Hey! almost forgot, this morning I dropped a big deuce! ha ha ha ha

  2. Last year I took a month off from blogging. Maybe you could just take a break and see if you really want to quit.

    1. I took off a week awhile back. I missed hearing from my friends.


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