Friday, July 14, 2017

Friday Morning Rant!

Wow! we can talk about trips to the hardware store or the latest beer I'm drinking but you write a post about racial stereotyping or the bizarre notion that perhaps, just perhaps integration was not the great idea everyone thought it was, diversity is not necessary a good thing, or that diversity is in reality another name for white genocide and suddenly everyone has something else to do!

Scared to death to not be politically correct? Our nation is unraveling from within with bad ideas being staunchly defended by liberal fanatics and everyone remains silent. Let's just live in denial and talk about chickens or fishing! Our latest project around the homestead. I like those articles and posts too but once in awhile I like to address some real hard adult issues and get your feedback.

Antifa terrorists in Austin Texas...

Look at Antifa for instance. These people are dangerous. They are walking the streets of America and are capable of violence if you don't share their ideology. Free speech is defined as agreeing with them. Fanatics of the worst magnitude and they are growing in strength. Between  the wetback illegals and the gangs, the "black lives matter"and the Antifa movement we have all the necessary ingredients for a civil war that will make the first one look like a friendly scuffle by comparison. This one will destroy America! Yet, no one wishes to express an opinion
good riddance if you ask me!

These people are not the idealistic hippies of the 60's who were anti war, pot smoking , free love, back to the landers. The members of ANTIFA are militant, angry, fanatical shit disturbers! They want to start a civil war. They are terrorists and you don't hear the government doing anything about them do you?

I look around me and I don't see anyone obeying the law anymore! That leads to anarchy. America is going down the drain and Americans don't seem to care.

the rat


  1. Seems like there's a lot of people not obeying the law these days. Just watch the news for a few minutes and you'll see people doing awful things. Is it worst than it was 30 years ago? Hell yes it is.

    1. I have lived 66 years and it has gone down hill my entire lifetime. No respect, no honor, no dignity, no sense of pride, or sense of duty. Most people I see now days are bubble brained morons who can't find their way home without GPS. If they lost their phone they would starve to death on the side of the road.

  2. I for one like it when the ol' Rat gets salty! Just been a little too busy to write much these days...

    While I agree that the Antifa group is capable of violence, personally I think if things really get heated and we actually have skirmishes in the streets 90% of those pussies will crawl back into the holes from which they emerged. The remaining 10% will have the wind taken from their sails and they will (mostly) disappear too. A minuscule faction will go off the rails and do some dangerous, wicked shit but chances are they would have anyway because a minuscule faction of the population are going to be complete and utter fuckwits no matter what label the media puts on 'em or what "cause" they are fighting for. The sad thing is most of these idiots don't even know what they're on about, they just want to be "a part of something". It makes me sick to see these gottdamn morons with their hammer & sickle logos... I say we send 'em off to a Siberian gulag for a couple years so they can see just how fuckin' great communism is. Generally I can excuse stupidity 'cuz, well, they're too stupid to know better, but this is just willful ignorance.

    The silver lining of this dark cloud for me personally, is that I have a daughter that just graduated from college a couple weeks ago and she thinks these idiots - her "peers" - are even more moronic than I do! So have faith Rat, all is not lost! There are fewer of them out there for sure, but I know first hand that there ARE "youths" that aren't completely brainwashed!

    Take care my friend,
    p.s. - LOVE the "everybody's fault but our own" meme! My wife and I have used (jokingly) a very similar expression for years - "this is everybody's fault but mine!" Another family favorite that applies to soooooo many these days; "We've tried nothing and we're all out of ideas!" Credit where credit is due - both phrases were inspired by/lifted from The Simpsons :-)

    1. Raising a well adjusted child to adulthood is quite an achievement now days. Congratulations on your fine parenting. I fear however that as your dear daughter enters the harsh cruel world that she is hopelessly outnumbered by the fuckwits. While she may succeed on a personal level, I doubt that she will effect any social change. It is just to screwed up! My very best wishes going out to her and the rest of your family my dear friend.


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