Friday, July 21, 2017

Here is what's wrong and here is why we don't fix it!

The list of things that are destroying not only America but most civilized countries is not that long.

I'll start with America:

We need to abolish the Federal Reserve and take over responsibility for making our own currency. This is what the Constitution originally wanted and the Federal Reserve has been a cancer eating away at our strength since it's inception. Kennedy was going to break the Federal Reserve hold on our country and got his brains blown out! These people are above the law. They own the law.

We need to abolish the two party system. To much bickering and not enough bipartisan cooperation has resulted in a stagnant Legislature. We need to kick big business out of Congress as well.  Our Congressman and Senators answer to the big campaign donors and sell their influence to the highest bidder.

We need term limits. Being a Senator or Congressman was never supposed to be a career. Get rid of the dinosaurs who chair all the important committees and pull the strings behind closed doors. It is one of the reasons it is all so corrupt.

Take care of widows and orphans and the disabled and that's it. No able bodied person needs welfare or food stamps or Medicaid.

Downsize our military. Withdraw from all the countries we currently protect. Protect America instead. Get rid of the corruption and the military industrial complex. We don't need a military budget bigger than the next 20 countries put together. Who the hell are we that afraid of? We should honor existing treaties with our allies and continue to support NATO. In fact, NATO should be expanded to form an even bigger coalition.

We need to secure our borders and strictly enforce our immigration laws. Stiffer penalties, jail time, heavy fines. We need a barrier of some kind. Not necessarily a wall. We have the technology to stop intruders without all the ugly barb wire and chain link and we don't need a "great wall of America" type structure. Although, coupled together with state of the art technology it would make a statement.

We should offer rehabilitation for drug addicts but once again , one chance. Habitual criminal activity to support a drug habit should be punishable by long prison sentences to labor camps. Enough slapping these people on the wrist.

With the exceptions of military bases, National Parks and Wildlife reserves all other federal land should be made available to the American People. Citizens of the United States, not foreign investors.
The government can act as a resource management office to oversee conservation and insure environmental responsibility the land should be privately owned and operated.

A committee  should be formed to come up with alternatives to allowing corrupt and dishonest doctors to be legal drug pushers. Our opioid problem can be blamed on easy prescriptions.

Will any of this happen. Hell No! The people who actually run the country like it just the way it is and don't want to see effective change take place.  We will remain slaves to the system.  Most people don't mind being slaves if they enjoy a reasonably good life and think of themselves as free. We will continue to bicker among ourselves, accept more deviant behavior as the norm, watch the integrity of our nation get bought and sold like a commodity and we will continue to believe we actually have a say when in reality we don't. Worst of all, we will continue to bred a mixed race to take the place of White and black and brown and Asian. One breed of human is all that is needed for slavery.

We need to go back to being a Constitutional Republic and get rid of the " Progressive Socialist Democracy" we have turned into! That won't happen peacefully. To many people enjoying the good life at government expense.

the Rat


  1. While I agree with some of your points, I really think the biggest problems we face are in regards to wages and health care. I am of the opinion that ANYONE who works a 40 hour a week job should at minimum have a wage that would put a family of four a t least a little bit above the poverty line and would have full health care. There are so many folks who have jobs that are nothing more than indentured servitude.... Wages below poverty and no health care. If what is greater were actually embraced by the US as a nation, then I think most of our problems would cease and crime and addiction and general meanness would decrease substantially. Neither side of our political system has the guts to make such change, for the politicians are all rich folks and to do what I suggest would require them to be LESS wealthy, because they could not foist their own need for their own wealth status over us. I think most politicians want to keep status quo (including Trump and it would have been the same with Clinton) because it is in THEIR own individual interest to do so.


    1. IN regards to health care, we need to get rid of the insurance companies . Health care should not be a for profit activity and as long as there are insurance companies and privately owned hospitals wanting profits, no government mandated program will be successful.

      Wages: The income disparity has caused the wage gap. CEO's making 50 million dollars and bonuses while the worker needs food stamps in order to eat is the problem. The rich haven't paid their fair share since Eisenhower was President. Women have been forced out of their natural role as homemaker and mother and forced into the work force by the greed of the Ultra rich. Pickup trucks cost 50.000 dollars now. That's insane.

      I do agree that politicians could care less about the people. They work for the Masters. They have it good so there is no motivation to change anything. Sad state of affairs, I'm sure we agree on that.

  2. "Mojave Rat for President 2020"...!!!!

    1. Shit there would be a civil war and social unrest and I'd probably get assassinated the first month in office. Besides, I only care about White America. Unlike these other hypocrites I am honest about my loyalties.


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