Sunday, July 23, 2017

How to Keep the Masses from Revolting!

Sunday: the day of the week sit aside to make people feel guilty about their passions, watch football, drink beer, barbecue. A day of rest for the slaves.

Here is how the One Percent=The Elite control the masses.

1. The illusion you are free. In reality humans are free range slaves. You vote and you think you are in control. You write a blog and think it matters! You are not in control. Why despite all the bitching and protesting doesn't anything get better. Government = empty promises. They don't work for you! The Left blame the Right. They right blame the left. The rich get richer while the middle class blame the poor!

2. You (the slaves) are constantly being "entertained". Movies, music, video games, phone apps, porn! Anything that keeps you from actually thinking! In Roman times it was the Arena!

3.dumbing down the population. discourage real education, debate, experimentation, research in favor of packaged nonsense. Don't learn real history,  Sit and be told what to think. Don't read, it will make your brain hurt! Play games! Don't take responsibility! Stay a child!

4.Brainwashing. Repeat a lie often enough and even a smart person will begin to believe it!

5.Stir up hatred! Keep everyone at odds with each other. United we stand but divided we can be controlled!

6. Fear and terror-false flag operations, 9-11, Boston Marathon bombings, shootings in schools. Keep everyone afraid and they won't look behind the curtain at who is pulling the strings.

7. false reality-television programs portray a false reality. Life is not like television but the young and impressionable don't realize that!

8.Censorship- Kill the truth wherever it pops up it's head. We hear all the time about journalists being killed, or dying in wrecks, or having sudden heart attacks. Revealing the truth is dangerous .

9.Keep the Slaves Busy! No time to complain. Lousy wages require more hours. Maybe a fulltime and a part time job. Get the mothers working outside the home so the children don't have proper supervision. Let the television (see #7) babysit.

Rebel against the system!   THINK!

the Rat


  1. I am of the opinion that your last statement is the most salient. If you look back on the time where we last had reasonable levels of regular folks with awareness, it was in the 60s and 70s when wages for working folks were at their best. When Reagan started union busting in the 1980s and when our collective attention spans were decimated by MTv, we then en masse gave up our focus on watching and protesting how the middle class was being screwed over. It has only gotten worse since the 1980s and now no one in the "middle class" has a wage or any where near enough focus or time to do much other than survive. The lack of time to think and demand fair treatment is what keeps us all under the thumbs of the rich and the sleazy politicians.


    1. I left out an important element. The desire to live above your means. If you have shelter and food and are reasonably healthy everything else is a blessing not a necessity. Granite counter tops, hardwood floors, stainless steel appliances, 3500 square foot homes are not necessary. Refuse as much as possible in the regular economy, buy used, pay cash, work under the table, barter and trade for goods and services. Support an alternative economy. IN other words- Drop Out! and lower your requirements. Most people enslave themselves because they require gold chains to bind them and gold bars on their cage.


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