Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Humanity deserves to go Extinct!

I probably shouldn't post because I am disgusted. Humanity deserves to go extinct if what I've seen today is any example. Went to the super market with the Mrs. and  I got ready to leave the guy next to me was parked 4 inches from my driver's side door. I can't climb over the passenger seat or go through the van to get to the driver's seat without hurting my back so it either had to move or I was stuck. If I'm going to hurt my back it will be fist fighting some moron in the super market parking lot! I told the girl working at the supermarket to announce that some dipshit moron who can't drive needed to move his pick up truck and then I waited. He finished buying and paying for his stuff before he came outside. I could feel my blood pressure going up! He did hurry to get his shit in the pickup and get backed out. I would have loved to break my cane over his thick head but alas, violence was avoided!

Then I came home and saw a 10 year old little boy dressed in "rainbow" attire with his smiling parents at a gay parade. The father is so proud of his dress wearing long haired son he has a god damned website telling all about the trials and tribulations of raising a "gender fluid" child. James Woods the actor commented on twitter that the child would grow up some day and realize what his parents did to him and they will find the chopped up remains of his parents in the freezer in the garage! That would be god damned funny if it wasn't so fucking sad. The queer actor Neil Patrick Harris jumped to the parents defense calling Mr. Woods "ignorant and insensitive". Well, Neil you don't want to know what I think. You really don't. I think it is child abuse and that poor little boy needs taken away from these liberal morons and given to a nice "normal" family to be raised if it is not to late.

Read the story here
This is what liberalism has done to our country. Little 8 or 9 year old little girls marching in a gay parade "future lesbians" I suppose. Is this what freedom is? No one believes in freedom more than I do, but you have to draw the line somewhere. That little boy will not have a chance when his hormones kick in and suddenly girls start catching his eye. He is warped! His mommy and daddy need their ass kicked and they need to be sterilized so they can't have any more children , just in case.
They need to move to San Francisco and hug trees and sell herbs and do yoga and leave the child rearing to someone else!

Hey! On a lighter note,  I bought another six pack. I will write a review in a day or two. This one is really intriguing. Tell you about it later.


the rat


  1. It's very sickening how our once great culture in the U.S. has eroded.

    1. Pretty soon they will being marrying farm animals. Can't discriminate against those who practice bestiality. They have the "right" to love their goat! God damned world has gone straight to hell for sure! NO morals or decency of any kind. Maybe a big asteroid will hit the earth and kill us all! No great loss.....


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