Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Hump Day Rant!

Mohave Rat's Two cents worth has always had it's percentage of haters. Hey, that's OK. If everyone suddenly started agreeing with me I would have to take a step back and review my positions. In this politically correct world it is easier than at any other time in history to "piss somebody off" because the majority of people now days are walking around with their itty bitty little feelings on their sleeve waiting to be insulted, abused, "disenfranchised", etc. Looking for a reason to whine and a chance to be the "victim".......I am talking about white people now. The dying race. To weak and pitiful and so easily hurt. See what I'm getting at? Wimps!

If I have the nerve to say that women are the one's equipped to have babies and that should be their main function and duty, I am sexist. Sure, I suppose we could grow the next generation of human beings in the laboratory but that still leaves childrearing. Who is going to do that, robots? Women are genetically disposed to being mothers. If society has somehow brainwashed them into thinking any other career is preferable then all is lost and the whole human race is going to go extinct, not just the whites.

In other cultures women have the advantage of having grand parents as built in baby sitters. Grandma has more authority than Suzie from next door babysitting. One of the main reasons that is seldom brought up why the white race is slowly going extinct is white kids grow up and want to get as far away as possible from mom and dad. There is no sense of family. No one cares that grandpa has severe arthritis and can barely get up out of a chair without a struggle. The white children don't want interfered with so their attitude is "hire a nurse, you cheap bastard". Say what you want about Mexicans, they take care of family. That's one of the reasons why they are winning the battle for survival and white people are losing.

Before I get 15 comments about how you sacrificed your life taking care of Aunt Trudy! I acknowledge that there are exceptions. I am speaking in general terms. The reverse is interesting also. You raised a lousy kid, who took drugs, slept around, broke the law and now here you are raising the grandchildren. Wait a minute! If you did such a shitty job raising your own kid, what makes you think you will do better raising the grand kid? A fair and honest question. No one answers it, they just get mad. Perhaps you will do a better job this time.

I could go on but that's enough.

the rat


  1. Yeah, lack of family commitment is a big problem that will lead to our demise I'm afraid. One of my biggest regrets was moving out at the age of 18 but at the time it seemed like the only option to maintain sanity. Looking back, I traded in a small set of problems for a decade of struggles that could have been avoided or at least lessened. But what doesn't kill us and all that...

    Now 30 years later, on the verge of "escaping" California I come to realize that my folks are now "old"; Pops is on the brink of (late) retirement and Mom's health ain't all that great. They don't have the means for a retirement community and the only other family is my worthless, narcissistic "baby" sister 3 states away who can't take care of herself, much less aging parents. So now my wife and I wrestle with trying to find our place in the world where we can make a life for ourselves now that we got the kid through college, or we wallow in the misery that is CA for another decade or two to help the folks through their twilight years... Our biggest concern is that we've barely got a pot to piss in now, and the expense of living here is crushing so we'll never get ahead, much less have any sort of "nest egg" for retirement, so we're setting up our daughter for the same shitty choices as we'll be "old" by the time my parents are attended to.
    Life can be perplexing at times, you know? Sometimes I wish I could go back and start over, maybe make some better decisions...

    1. Son every man wishes he could go back and make better choices! I sure as hell do! I have said several times on this blog I have made just about every mistake a man can make and several of them more than once. It's called life. It ain't fair! But no one has invented a time machine yet! Failure is what makes the successes so sweet! Giving your daughter advice that proved to be wrong is a concern. Even if what your parents told you as 100 percent accurate, it is a different world now with different problems. The best thing you can give a child today is good old common sense. What we used to call gumption! It's about all we can do for them realistically! My best to you and your lovely family.......


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