Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Hump Day Thoughts!

Well, so much for story time. I lost one follower and gained another. Goodbye to the one and Welcome to the other. The followers list continues to become more refined. I want people who think, are open to discussion and can remain civil. To much to ask, for some apparently!

I remain a pessimist. The candy coated reality that some embrace is like being in a carpeted jail with curtains covering the bars. You can pretend everything is nice while hopelessly trapped by the prison of conventional thought. Reality is not for everyone, just the survivors. When and if some great catastrophe occurs it will be the realistic people who ultimately prevail. Those who have fantasies about playing Rambo or Mad Max will discover that reality bears no resemblance to television and the movies.

But this blog is not for them anyway. This blog is for people who have taken the red pill, woke up to the truth, and are now trying to make sense of it all . Besides, as we approach the anniversary date of August 8th, the internal debate continues as to remaining, cutting back and closing down. So far cutting back is out in front. When the weather permits, I'd rather be outside doing something or taking the Mrs. out to dinner.

Ah! the sweet sound of the Mrs. giggling at something on the television coming from the other room. It makes me smile to myself. After the bad experiences I have shared with you, it should come as no surprise that my love for the Mrs. is the center piece of my life. She rescued me from a bad place, made me want to be a better man, helped me to heal, and loved me! I am indeed a very lucky man! We have been together almost 25 years, married almost 24 so far. Best years of my life to be sure.

It is time to go stock back up on provisions. Can goods are running low and such. Fill the freezer back up and get ready for fall when the snow birds return and shopping becomes a pain in the butt and parking becomes a nightmare. Can't get an appointment to see your own doctor in the winter time. Population doubles. Traffic! I like to go to the State Park in the winter for some peace and quiet. Just 5 miles down the road from my place.



  1. I'm glad you and Mrs have each other. I haven't been around much, trying to get stuff done before winter hits. I need to restock my pantry, I need another day in my week! Stay cool, have a great evening.

    1. You mean your blogging is not the most important thing in your life? Good! ha ha ha ha thanks!

  2. So nice to hear someone appreciative about their spouse, a rare thing these days! My wife and I had our 25th anniversary last year, more than half our lives spent together and I can't imagine life any other way. I guess we got lucky Rat, so many don't make it this far.

    Funny about the seasonal thing - around here the summer is the nightmare season. The only road to the nearest coast line goes through my town and during the summer it turns my small town (pop 38k)into a parking lot. My family are beach-hounds and we spend a lot of time at the ocean, but during this time of year we generally avoid it. Nine months out of the year it takes 40 minutes from our front door to the sand & waves - June, July & August it's about 2 hours. And then after that ordeal, you're completely surrounded by fuckwits that destroy the serenity of the ocean. The ocean is our "Church" and the heathens with no appreciation for where they are, or their fellow human, ruin it during the summer months. I can't wait for Fall! First World problems, I know. But irritating, nonetheless!

    Stay cool Buddy!

    1. If I hadn't met Mrs. Rat my whole life would have been a complete waste. I would be dead or in prison now. She keeps me sane in an insane world. Congrats on your successful marriage. You are blessed more than you know. Mrs. Rat is my third marriage. It is me and her against the world! The problem with tourist towns is the "human pollution" we have to put up with. I completely understand.

  3. Replies
    1. Congratulations! That is great! Some of us didn't get it right the first time or even the second. My Mrs. Rat has made the last 25 years of my life worth living. I am a very lucky man.


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