Thursday, July 13, 2017

I guess I am a Racist?

I don't like labels. No matter what it is you are talking about the "label" is subject to interpretation by the individual who encounters it. I don't belong to a White supremacist group, the KKK, the Alt-right or any of the rest of the current and older white power groups.

I seek an America where a White man can be a white man without having to apologize for it. What my great great grandfather did or didn't do to your great great grandfather should not have any bearing on our current relationship. If it does, I may suggest that you are the racist my friend , not me. I think that trying to hide behind your skin color when dealing with society is unethical and cowardly.

Face the facts, most killings are done by blacks. The majority of people in prison are black and most of them are guilty as hell. You can't expect us to feel sorry for some little ghetto punk who is strutting around trying to act all gangster and gets his little ass shot off for his trouble. Rap music glorifies gangsters, dope pushers, criminals and no one says shit about it. Where are the parents of these children? Why aren't they being taught respect for the law, citizenship, values. Why do I have to hear it being blasted by some inconsiderate punk asshole cruising through my neighborhood looking for something to steal?

 Why aren't blacks mad at other blacks for the trouble? Why aren't lousy parents being called on the carpet? Why aren't the elders of the black community getting on the low lifes and placing the blame where it belongs?

I will continue to hate low life scum of the earth and I don't care where they came from or what kind of excuse they have for their behavior. Oprah and Obama has proven that blacks can get ahead. It's called "work".  This has been the United States of America for a long time. It is not Mexico. Obey the law. Stay in your own country or come here legally.If that makes me racist then by God , I'm a racist.

the Mohave rat


  1. I'm all for people coming here...legally. The illegals can be deported right back where they came from.

    1. That's been the law forever for all the more good it has done! Sad we have laws that get ignored.


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