Friday, July 14, 2017

I prefer White People! There, I said it!

This post will be a little different. I have to start by asking the question, "what is your purpose in life". Do you feel responsible for your fellow man? Do you think that you "owe" society something? Or is your life your own to live however you choose to live it and the hell with everyone else! How about future generations-do you have a responsibility to leave them a better world than you started with or are the little womb fruit on their own?

OK- the reason I ask is this; a lot of people dwell on the daily grind ( I understand that) some are involved with their physical ailments and that defines their lives( I don't want to fall into that trap) some are convinced that politics are the most important thing in life (it isn't) and some like me are disgusted with the subterfuge and lies and bullshit. I don't really expect anything to get better. I just want my readers to quit living in fantasy land and wake up and smell the strong stench of  reality.

Human beings are not nice! They are treacherous and mean spirited and self serving and have no loyalty beyond their own family and tribe. Race makes a difference. Mexicans and blacks don't want to be a white man's friend. They want to use him for all they can get out of him. They hold him in contempt and pretend they don't. Dishonesty and deceit are common.

I don't understand what has happened to white people in my lifetime. Mexicans want to be around other Mexicans, blacks want to be around other blacks and whites want to stick their heads up minority ass and cum in their pants over being diversified! If a white man says he would rather be around other white people he is racist and prejudiced and the white devil!

Well, I prefer the company of white people. I want my grandchildren to be little white people. I want them to learn about their wonderful ancestry and history and the contributions to civilization that have been made by the white race. I want them to be proud of who they are instead of being made to feel guilty for being white. So, answer me this question. If you are totally honest with yourself, don't you agree? Love to hear what you think.

the rat


  1. You asked and here is my answer. I like to be around nice folks no matter the skin color.

    1. It must be wonderful to live in your world. I don't encounter to many "nice" folks of any skin color.

  2. Gettin' heavy Rat... Do I feel responsible for my fellow man? Not one bit, but I will (and have countless times)stop to help a man (or woman) in need of assistance. Not because I feel that I owe some debt to society, but because I was raised to believe in the Golden Rule. I treat everyone with the same basic courtesy and respect I'd like to be treated with. I may sound like a simpleton, but most of the time it works to my benefit.

    That being said, I believe our differences are more cultural than color. One of my best friends growing up was a black kid and although there were certainly differences in our home life, etc. he was just a really good person. We drifted later on in life but not because of color or politics or any stupid shit - he got heavily into sports and I got heavily into music and I really sucked at sports. Different interests, different cohorts to pursue those interests with, different life paths. When I ran into him at our 20 year High School reunion, it was just like old times. Our interests had given way to to real life, like putting a roof over the heads of our families and such. We talked about old times and the good times, inquired of each other's parents and siblings, jobs and kids and all that stuff. But not once did it ever come up that it was strange that a blue-eyed white kid from Tennessee stock and a black kid that came from Chicago were the absolute best of friends. We just were.

    For the last decade I've been managing a staff of about 40 people, 85% of which are of Hispanic origin. The vast majority of them are extremely hard working, kind, wonderful people. But there are certainly a few that I'd feel just fine with them being swallowed by a sinkhole, never to be heard from again. But that has nothing to do with them being Hispanic, it's 'cuz they are lazy, deceitful assholes. The same can be said for the white staff too, though. Yes, there are less of them, but only because I have FAR fewer white staff members. The proportions of good employee vs. asshole employee are about the same.

    In my experience, trash comes in ALL colors.

    Lovin' your work these past few days Sir, keep it up!


    1. Cultural differences or ethnic differences is just semantics. Loyalty is the question. I completely agree that white people have their fair share of assholes, most white people readily acknowledge that. But find me a black person who acknowledges a black person being an asshole. They will tell you the person is a "victim" of living in a predominately white privileged world. A big excuse and a big lie! When blacks misbehave it always ends up being a white problem. They won't take responsibility for their own actions. Wetbacks are the same way. They want money not freedom. They are Mexicans to the death and could care less about becoming Americans. That is why they are here for 20 years and never learn enough English to make themselves understood. They feel comfortable with their own kind and don't want to assimilate. White people are the ones expected to learn Spanish. Trash may come in all colors. I won't argue that at all. But genocide of the white race hiding behind terms like "diversity" and "assimilation" and "blending" is still the genocide of the Whites. I don't want to live next door to them. I don't want them marrying my daughter. Being friendly is one thing. Blending is another thing entirely. I did not arrive at this position overnight J. It has taken a lifetime to realize the harsh reality of this situation.

    2. I do agree with you on the loyalty angle. When it comes down to brass tacks and all bets are off, things get tribal really quickly. And I have to admit, there is no more blending it seems. When I was a kid, it was all about the Great American Melting Pot, now if you wear your hair the "wrong" way or cook the "wrong" food for your skin color you get blasted for cultural appropriation! Ever get the feeling you are surrounded by nincompoops?

      Nevertheless, I'm trying to be less of a cynical SOB so I try to keep an open mind about other people until they show me what I need to know about them.

      And I fully support your right to free association and speech, so hang out with who ever the hell you want and do your best to ignore the rest. I admire the fact that you're honest about it even if I don't fully agree with your views. I really do get where you're coming from. I've lived and worked in some shitty places and I've seen a lot of the same behaviors up close and personal. It ain't pretty.

    3. Diversity is another name for white genocide. Whether you choose to believe it or not is your choice. We are slowly being assimilated and are already a minority group. Don't misunderstand me. I am ready and willing to work with, associate with, cooperate with other races in any worthwhile endeavor that helps human kind. I just don't want them buying the house next door or marrying my daughter. I can be friendly without having them become family members. That is all the further I am willing to go. It is not enough for them, they want to take over our country, destroy our heritage, erase us from history. Look at how 150 years later the statues of the Confederacy are suddenly "racist". Look at how the Stars and Bars flag of the South is suddenly "racist". Anything that instills White Pride in our children is discouraged. They are being taught in subtle ways to be ashamed of being white. It is war against whites. I wish you could see it for what it is. You will, just wait.....


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