Monday, July 31, 2017

Liberals! Always defending what they don't know anything about.

I am almost embarrassed to admit this but I honestly thought that liberal meant open minded! For years I described myself as having some liberal values and some conservative values. I was wrong! I am just open minded and reasonable. That has nothing to do with "liberalism". Liberalism is when you ardently defend someone you don't know against accusations you have no knowledge of or experience in and embrace the notion that they deserve your support without any evidence! In other words: Blind Stupidity!

For Example:

Live in the great state of Maine. Never actually seen a Mexican up close except on television but you must come to their defense whenever someone says anything even slightly derogatory about them . After all, they are just trying to feed their families which grow by one new anchor baby every 10 months. They breed like bugs! They can't help it that they didn't get documentation when they snuck up here in the dark and was smuggled north in the trunk of that car! Your basic liberal, defending what they don't know a god damned thing about! Until they can make it to a "sanctuary city" they will be aided by Mexicans already in this country (some Americans) and the Catholic church. Quite a successful underground railroad sneaking lowlife scum and drugs into our country under the guise of poor "undocumented workers" pursuing the American Dream.

Of course when the wetback gets shit faced drunk and crashes  into the car carrying your wife and children you will make excuses for them and say some stupid shit like "that's racial stereotyping" ! They are all drunks, based on personal observation over many years surrounded by them. None of them want to be Americans. They want our money, that is all. Another opinion based on personal observation for many years surrounded by them. They want Medicaid, and food stamps, and anything being given out for free by Catholic charities and they are willing to work real hard (when you are watching).

If you have the nerve to ask them to please obey the rules you are picking on them because they are Mexicans and you are a dirty filthy racist son of a bitch! Suddenly they can't speak English so good and they don't understand. They can whip out the race card quicker than the fastest black who ever lived! Also based on personal observation conducted over many years surrounded by them.

But what do I know! I just live across the street from a rental house full of them! I hired a gardener to come plant some plants and ended up with 10 of them in my yard! Not one legal worker in the bunch. Jabbering away in Spanish and laughing until my realize you understand them! Then all of a sudden they get serious. They look at each other in horror as they realize the fucking gringo speaks enough Spanish to get what they are saying! Vete a la mierda tu madre te moj√© hijo de puta!

Yeah, liberals. Defending people they don't know. Giving our country away and calling it compassion. You are anything but open minded and you sure as hell aren't reasonable.

the rat

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