Monday, July 17, 2017

Monday Morning Rant!

I wish to thank the folks that commented and gave me some education on the adoption practices going on in this country and the world. Babies are sorted according to color, sex, age, health, and sold to the highest bidder apparently.  Sounds an awful lot like a slave's auction block! I wonder why if the god damned United Nations cares so fucking much for the welfare of humanity nothing is being done about this. Why isn't Congress doing something about this? When you see something fucking wrong, it should be changed by law and some fairness put in place. What the hell is the point of having fucking governments if shit like this goes on and nothing is done about it? Damn!

I guess I am an ignorant old hillbilly. I thought I had done a fairly decent job at educating myself but
everyday I run into something that completely flabbergasts me! I keep reading about how the economy is going to collapse any minute. The whole world is trillions of dollars in debt, not just the United States. There is about a snow ball's chance in hell of ever being able to pay the god damned debt off so the International Bankers have effectively bought the whole world right out from under us, lock, stock and barrel! OK! now that we are all slaves why should the economy collapse? There is no reason for it too. It would hurt the super rich elite more than it would a poor fellow. Hell, the economy collapsed for the poor bastard a long time ago!

The economy collapsing would shut off the revenue stream to the super rich! Of course, the argument could be made that they already own damn near everything anyway so what the hell? If the countries of the world all got together and said "fuck you" to the bankers, "we ain't going to pay you any more money!" what could they do? Foreclose on the whole god damned world. I don't understand any of this and if someone wants to explain it to me, I'd appreciate it. Gives me a god damned headache like I used to get trying to understand algebra! I finally got it. and I ain't used it since!

I only got a few years left and I think the world will last long enough for me to die without a lot of aggravation. I got a little lot about a 1/10 of an acre my little house sits on. I stay mostly in the house or the back yard. Only hell I raise is with this blog! I don't think the "men in black" will be coming to my front door to bother me. I could put up enough of a fight to make the evening news for a couple of segments but that's about it.

I looked up orphans in the US and found out that orphans are mostly placed with "foster homes" All these agencies solicit donations and are constantly trying to raise funds. Our latest defense budget to defend us against the boogey man is over 1/2 a trillion dollars. Feed a lot of kids for what one new bomber costs. Greatest country on earth my ass!

Enough rant, I'm hungry and I'm going to go fry some eggs!

the rat


  1. I think more kids would be adopted if it didn't cost so much to adopt them. You'd think that the agencies running the adoptions would want to get kids to potential adoptive parents.

    1. Why isn't the government involved in this. Kids are the future! There is nothing as important as the children. Everything has got to be about the almighty dollar! I am disgusted by what I have learned about this!


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