Thursday, July 27, 2017

No Cause for Alarm-Fearless Leader is on the Job.

This gender issue is interesting. Transgenders in the military. I didn't know we had any but apparently we do and Fearless Leader thinks they are expensive. To be fair, I don't know. This is just my opinion/two cents worth. Doesn't Fearless Leader got more important things to worry about then some "gender confused" folks in the military
Fearless Leader.

Jobs for our growing population would be a good thing to concentrate on. Fixing health care, getting rid of the mandatory participation portion of the law for sure. Our crumbling infrastructure should be a big priority but seldom gets mentioned. You tried driving on Interstate 40 lately. You will  need new shocks at the end of your trip! Of course the evil money lenders (the Fed) needs abolished but every time a President tries to do that they die! Lincoln tried=bullet!, Kennedy tried=bullet! Do you see the pattern. Only 3 countries in the world that doesn't have a Rothschild Bank. Want to guess what they are? North Korea is one. Cuba is two. Iran is three. Notice a pattern there as well. Sanctions, failed diplomacy! It's almost like it is planned!

I had high hopes for Fearless Leader but he is proving to be ineffectual. Like a good used car salesman he will try and convince you that every thing works great. No need to worry. We are getting better everyday! I don't see it but Fearless Leader says it is true and it is treason to disagree with Fearless Leader! Fearless Leader is every bodies friend. He gets along with Putin, gets along with Israel, gets along with Saudi Arabia and France and Germany. Just ask him.

I don't see America getting greater but it probably is. After all Fearless Leader never lies. Every word that comes out of his mouth is a National Treasure! Long live Fearless Leader. Go back to your television or internet porn or video games. No cause for alarm . Fearless Leader is on the job.


the Rat

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  1. Mary, I accidently deleted your email. Just wanted to let you know I got it. Hang in there. Grit your teeth and remember your brother when he was a cute kid.


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