Friday, July 21, 2017

President Trump trying to drain the swamp and pissing off the alligators!

If President Trump can survive all the allegations and suspicions and criticisms  his Presidency will go down in history as significant for several reasons. He is the first President to communicate directly to the American people through the use of Twitter his thoughts and opinions. He is the first President to call out the press for "fake news". Not just an occasional misquote or inaccurate reporting but calling it what it is, biased fiction deliberately designed to discredit and undermine.

Now days if you want to actually enforce a law you can easily get labeled a "fascist". If you want to enforce an immigration policy or actually secure the border you get labeled a racist and a fascist. In reality you are merely suggesting enforcing an existing law. Now I don't agree with Mr. Trump's economic policies mimicking Reagan's trickle down nonsense. That is disastrous but I'm just one citizen and my opinion doesn't count for much. It will cause the National debt to grow unchecked which is probably what the International banks want to happen anyway.

Want to get tough on crime and you are not showing the proper level of compassion according to the liberal biased as all hell media. Stricter enforcement gets political cartoons portraying our President as Hitler! President Obama was characterized as Marx and Lenin. More accurate representation to be honest. If you aren't being soft and willing to allow anarchy and sedition you are attacked by the liberal media.

Perhaps President Trump didn't pay many taxes over the years and is trying to avoid the firestorm that would occur if that was revealed. But he used the existing law to his advantage like every business does, no different. All I know is this: He ran on a platform of wanting to make America great again! He won! He is the President! He is trying to keep his campaign promises which is unusual for an elected President. Until he gets impeached on some trumped up charge (get it? trumped up!) or resigns he is the President and I wish him well.

By the way, Obama care needs fixed not repealed and replaced. Don't hold your breathe.

the rat


  1. Excellent post. It is possibly the closest you've come to a political viewpoint I could agree with.

  2. I imagine we both want what is best for America! Our approach might be different in some cases but our desire to see our country strong and prosperous is something we should always be able to agree on. To much bickering and not enough bipartisanship is going to be the downfall of our Nation.

  3. I don't think Obamacare is going to get repealed at this point but with so many insurance companies electing to pull out of obamacare I don't see it staying the way it is. But something needs to get fixed and they need to do it in such a way that it's helping people not hurting them. Get rid of the tax penalty for one thing.

    1. I am not involved in Obamacare personally. The veterans administration healthcare system takes care of me and I have Medicare for emergencies. I am against anything that is mandatory in a so called free country. Personally I'd like to see the Medicare benefit get offered to everyone and watch the insurance companies go bankrupt. They have killed more people than war!


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