Monday, July 17, 2017

Some preppers are gutless pussies! Another RANT!

This is my Monday afternoon rant. I helped Mrs. Rat run the vacuum and now I am sitting on my ass in front of the fan for a few minutes.

Now don't get me wrong. I think being prepared is prudent and something any half way intelligent person should do. Having a generator if you live with frequent power failures makes perfect sense. A gun or two or three should be in every home in America. This country is turning into a war zone and the police are hopelessly out numbered! Maybe the Great White Hope Fearless Leader Trump" can do something about the crime and lawlessness. IN the meantime arm yourselves and get ready to defend your turf!

Extra food and water makes sense. Thinking ahead and planning ahead is wise. Say to yourself "what if" and then plan accordingly if that scenario concerns you.

Now for the prepper pussy! He will never be safe enough no matter what he does. He will never have enough guns and ammo, wheat, water, medicine, fuel, firewood, tools, knowledge. He is afraid of germs, nerve gas, racial unrest (that ones real) economic breakdown, asteroids, nuclear war, tidal waves, forest fires, earthquakes, cancer and about a million other things that can ruin your whole day

This fat bastard will have a god damned heart attack when the fight starts! ha ha ha ha

Take a deep breath and let the old rat help you out!


It is going to be the thing you overlooked that will bite you in the ass so relax a little bit. People been talking about the end for at least 2000 years and we are still here. Besides, you are going to revert to your animal self when the time comes and fight like a crazy wild animal to survive. It is in you DNA. Listen to your inner voice, trust your instincts,  prepare the best you can and fight hard.

Most of all, quit peeing in your pants listening to the evening news and quit being such a pussy.

the Rat


  1. " Prepare the best you can and fight hard " - true, and that's exactly what all of us here in the interior of British Columbia are doing right now through our raging wildfire crisis. I've got a house full of evacuated prepper friends, some of which have lost their entire farms with their livestock completely wiped out. These folks have been preppers their entire lives, long before the word " prepper " even existed.

    They've been living self sufficiently for decades, however, when mother nature flares out of control you're basically left helpless. We got thirteen horses out, but you can't move two hundred head of cattle, so we let them go. It was terrible to watch them run off, but there was no choice because the flames were closing in. It's a disaster here with heavy smoke and ash filling the air. The fires are still burning out of control. No human life has been lost so far, just empty towns with over thirty thousand evacuees fleeing their homes.

    Prepping for something like raging wildfires or any other force of nature is impossible. Everyone's in harms way and no amount of food and ammo is going to save the day. One more thing before I head off for another volunteer shift at the medical mash tent - is that there is an increased level of heart attacks and strokes due to the stress of it all. No amount of prepping can prepare people from that either.

    1. sorry for your troubles H. It is times like these when people should help each other and the word neighbor should mean something. I am glad your people are pulling together. Strokes and heart attacks from stress in terrible. Some people are not mentally equipped for severe hardship. good hearing from you and will be thinking of you now that you have brought this to my attention.


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