Sunday, July 30, 2017

The difference between tolerance and acceptance-another rant!

Wow! Admitting to not liking interracial marriage makes you some kind of Nazi-White Supremacist! In spite of the fact I clearly stated I am not either one. I just want my grand babies to be white like me. I'm such an unreasonable old bastard I guess! Here is the difference;

Accept-consent to receive (like a proposal) or come to recognize a belief as valid.

Tolerate-allow the existence of something you do not necessarily agree with.

condone-accept or allow behavior that is considered morally wrong to continue.

Validate-support the truth or value of something.

Out of these 4 things I tolerate interracial marriage. I don't agree with it, condone or validate it and I sure as hell don't accept it.  I tolerate it. The same could be said for transgenders, homosexuals and others who have a mental illness. I don't have to accept those things as being right, I am required to tolerate them. In a free country you don't have to agree/accept a thing because the notion is currently in favor. People should show me the same amount of tolerance I show them.

As far as prejudice is concerned. The worst prejudice in this country is the prejudice shown towards those who don't readily accept whatever kind of sick disgusting shit the liberals want to force upon you this week! I don't wish to harm anyone or enslave anyone. That's not good enough apparently. You don't force people to "accept" your views in a free country. My view is not a popular one, but it is my view and I am allowed to have it! Liberal fanatics need to back the fuck off!

Standing by your convictions requires a strength of character. Giving in to societal demands shows a weakness of character and conviction. Think about it.

the rat


  1. To prejudge is to make a conclusion in advance of the facts. Is all the data in for you --generations into the future?

    1. what am I prejudging? I am stating my preference. It doesn't require such adamant debate. I like cream and sugar in my coffee. Is that alright with you?

  2. I don't give a shit if my grand kids are not white. My first wife was half injun and our daughter is one quarter injun. Just cuz I'm white it doesn't make me special.

    1. It is not the children's fault that granddad stuck his dick in anything that would stand still. White is just white, not special. I'm sure your grandkids are great in your eyes.


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