Saturday, July 22, 2017

Things contributing to White genocide!

It is god damned hard to express how I feel sometimes without coming across like a fanatic. I feel strongly about a few things and the strength of my convictions should not be confused with the rhetoric or irrational dogma of the fanatic.

White people have betrayed their own race, and worse even than that they have betrayed their DNA. Our numbers have shrunk from 38% of the world's population down to just 8 percent. The nation we founded we be unrecognizable by the year 2050 because white people will be the minority.

Bruce Jenner wants to be a woman! Frankly, this makes me sick to my stomach! Call it what is truly is instead of sugar coating it with fancy "gender confusion" nonsense. IT is PERVERTED! I'm not afraid to say it out loud! He is not a woman, he is a castrated man taking female hormones who is mentally ill. Sorry, that is reality. In a free country that claims to have free speech, I should be as entitled to my opinion as he is.

Homosexuality is incapable of producing White babies. It contributes to the declining numbers.

White people are being brain washed by the media that interracial marriage should be acceptable and encouraged. Diversity is the code word for White genocide.

White females have been led to believe that motherhood and the job of homemaker is akin to failure instead of being taught it is the highest and most noble of activities. No race can survive without mothers and nurturers.

Being called Nazi or racist doesn't change anything. Promoting the welfare of your own race is the most natural thing in the world. I am white and I want to see the White race survive! Why is that so terrible?

Liberalism is contributing more than anything else to the destruction of our Nation with it's insistence on moral depravity, unnatural behaviors and the insistence of mixed breeding. We need more white pride, not less. We need more white babies, not less. We have a right to survive!

the rat


  1. some big shot muslim said that islam will not conquer the world through war but through the wombs of their women. it all comes down to birth rates and white people aren't breeding anywhere close to the people of color.

    1. Whoever said it is right. We will be very close to extinction by 2100. About 2 percent of the world's population according to projections. End result is more important than assigning blame. If that is true, I hope the world is so hot, so dry, so barren it can't support life for the billions of sub humans that inherited it.


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