Friday, July 28, 2017

This life is not a dress rehearsal . It is the actual performance

I can't believe what a lousy viewer count I have had lately. 350-400 views a day is pitiful! I write a good rant and it jumps up to 600 views or so but still. Other blogs who post cute little shit from Google Images are racking up big numbers while here I am writing down for your edification the wisdom of the ages sprinkled with some good old down home humor and commonsense and I get a lousy 400 views! What the hell? Why don't I have a huge following by now? I  am a brilliant writer and give excellent commentary on the downfall of civilization. Plus! I'm charming as hell! ha ha ha

In addition, I am honest to a fault. I admit my own failings. I downplay my successes. I'm the kind of person you could trust to watch over your family because if I gave you my word I would look out for them, you know I would die trying to protect them!

Having said all that (can you say satire?) I have determined that it is my subject matter as much as it is my presentation that is at fault. As we all struggle to make it through the day , none of us want to hear about how hopeless our situation truly is. No one wants some smart ass pulling back the curtain and revealing the man pulling the strings and operating the controls. No one wants to hear about how we are an evolutionary mistake, should have never become self aware (sentient) and if we had any dignity at all we would quit breeding and march hand in hand into the abyss!

No let's here all about how wonderful everything is instead. Even if it requires psychotic levels of delusion, we must force ourselves to see the bright side no matter how dim it really is in truth. If people just realized the hopelessness of their situation it would change their priorities drastically. Each moment of each day would be something to cherish and appreciate. It certainly wouldn't be taken for granted. This life is not a dress rehearsal . It is the actual performance. Give it everything you got because there are no do overs!

the rat


  1. baseball is wonderful. after a shitty day, i can always look forward to a good baseball game in the evening. football and basketball are organized chaos, but there's beauty in a good double play or a catcher with a rocket arm throwing out some asshole trying to steal second.

    1. Hell! I love nothing more than to listen to a good game on the radio out in my shop. I used to sit on the back porch when I was a little boy and listen to the game with my dad. Good memories for sure. I watch the Super Bowl but that's about it for football. The wife is a bigger fan than I am. Never was much for watching basketball. I enjoy watching hockey. Weird huh?

  2. Aw, hell, Rat, *I* read you! I don't always agree with you, but nevertheless I read you. Should I follow you as well?


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