Thursday, July 27, 2017

To thine ownself be true! Sheep and Wolves, which are you?

I have often been accused of judging others. I don't think I do much judging. I chronicle my observations. If you read a judgement into it fine. The problem with judging is you make yourself the "norm" from which everything else is rated. Good or bad compared to what? You! While this egocentric approach might seem normal it does a tremendous injustice to all those being "judged".

No one wants to compare themselves to the worst of humanity, they prefer to think of themselves among the best. False humility aside, I am a wolf living amongst sheep. I didn't start out that way I don't think but along the way instead of becoming more civilized I became less civilized. I have nothing but contempt for herd animals, including most human beings. Whether you herd together out of fear or some religious conviction is of no importance to me, you seek the comfort of the herd and that is enough for me. Wolves do not respect sheep.

All this nonsense about "polite society". Behind the smiles, fangs are concealed. Society is just camouflage. Man's true nature lies beneath the fa├žade, behind the mask he is required to wear.  Look at our world, religions have had thousands of years to make a difference. How's that going? Never ending war, poverty, slavery, child abuse, spousal abuse, we kill each other with relish and zeal while bemoaning the atrocities we perpetuate. What utter madness!

We cannot accept our true nature much less embrace it. It might be ugly! Taking care of your own: your offspring, your own  tribe, your own race is not enough. You have to care about everyone whether they deserve it or not! That makes no sense and is contradictory to your animal DNA and that is why it doesn't work. We are supposed to apologize and feel guilty for being our true selves while hypocrisy and lying to ourselves about our true natures is rewarded? Good luck making that work.

I don't lump people together. I base my opinion on each individual I encounter. It is not my fault most fall into the category of gutless sheep looking for the security of the herd!


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