Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Tuesday Rant-Women used to be special!

I have angered a few readers with my views recently. None of them have chosen to offer a counter argument and that is probably just as well. I didn't write the posts to convert or convince, merely inform. What you choose to do with what I have offered is entirely up to you!

There are many things that are going on behind the scenes and some in plain sight that are being ignored.

It used to be that "homemaker" was a valued profession and the one most women wanted when they grew up. They wanted a home and family of their own to care for. Women are the foundation of civilization. I am old fashioned. I think the old traditional ways are better. If a woman must work she deserves equal pay, no argument from me. But if she is married the husband used to be able to make enough money to allow her the freedom to remain at home and run the house, support the husband and raise the children.

Someone (the elite masters) want women to feel inferior to men if they stay home and run a house. They want her out in the work force which effectively doubles the amount of slave labor they can plan for. It has the added benefit of disrupting the family unit, neglecting the important job of rearing the children and destroys the whole notion of a man and woman are mates who each have a function in the relationship.

Little girls used to play with doll babies and have tea parties(I have attended several) wanted to be with mommy in the kitchen to learn and prepare for the future. The boys learned about tools, did the heavy chores like the trash and cutting the grass when they were responsible enough and help out around the house in general. A united family with each member doing what was expected of them.

This political agenda to make women equal to men is destroying or has destroyed the family unit. Ask yourself if you are looking for a wife, do you want a woman who cusses worse than you do? Has more tattoos than a biker gang? Has had more cock between her legs than the urinal at the bus station? Is that what you want for the future mother of your children? You honestly think she is going to give up going to the club and stay home and bake cookies!

Being a wife and mother and homemaker are three jobs already. Priority jobs. Important as hell to the well being of the family. Sure, now days women have to work outside the home to help the husband make enough for the family to survive. That is because of income inequality (a different post). But working outside the home should be as a last resort. The children need her. The husband needs her. Without a woman, you have no home! Just a place to shower and sleep. I would like to see it be like the old days. When you ask a little girl back in the 50s what she wanted to be when she grew up she said "a wife and mother".

You probably don't agree! this is my two cents worth anyway.

the Rat


  1. I think if women want to be able to stay home and take care of the house and kids, they should be able to. In that I agree with you. I was fortunate that Ken made enough money in his job that I was able to stay home and take care of our daughter. I wouldn't have had a child if I'd had to go back to work and have someone else watch her during the day, essentially raising my child and teacher her things that I should have been teaching her. But that's just my opinion.

    1. You have a point. I have witnessed what happens to kids that get less than half of the attention they should be receiving. My own children didn't turn out very well because I was working and their mother was out whoring around. By the time I got divorced it was to late, the damage had been done.


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