Saturday, July 15, 2017

Wake Up White People!

I have talked about the nonsense of "left" and "right", "liberal" and "conservative" when in reality it is the 99% against the 1%. The slaves versus the owners! Everyone still wants to simplify it into two teams like a god damned football game! It is not that simple I'm afraid. The rulers of this world have an agenda and unfortunately for us (white people) we are scheduled for elimination.

We cause to much problems. We are spoiled by 200 years of freedom. We have way to high an opinion of ourselves and our worth. We are proud of who we are and have a healthy self image. All that has to change and guess what , it is.

White people are the only people in America that are not  protected by discrimination laws.

We are being taught to feel guilty for what may or may not have happened hundreds of years ago.

Our children are being taught in school about all the awful things "whites" have done and how they should be ashamed to be white.

Young people are dressing ghetto, listening to rap music, putting their hair in corn rows and dread locks, talking ghetto, and basically trying to act and be black.

They are being taught in liberal schools how diversity is a wonderful thing and they should embrace it.

Our daughters are marrying black men and having little Obamas.

Where the hell is that girl's daddy?

Where are the white babies? Where is the white pride? ( We aren't allowed to have any, it's racist!)

White people built civilization. Invented most of the important inventions. Composed the great works of music. Created the great works of art. Contributed to science and the arts more than any other culture.

Our thanks- through assimilation we are slowly disappearing from the earth! Watch TV carefully. Look for all the blacks with white women. You are being brain washed into acceptance!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


  1. While Europeans were inventing telescopes and developing complex societies and cultures and building machines, in Africa they were living in mud huts and drinking from creeks...still are in rural areas. Did white Europeans have some advantage? I think we all started at the same place in development. What happened to hold back some and not others? I hate our PC world we are stuck in.

    1. Well some could argue that whites have higher IQ's and are more advanced than some of the others. Of course, Asian people are intelligent and had an advanced society when Whites were still barbarians. But you notice Asians don't seem to be involved in the conflict. Maybe they already made a deal with the Jews? Do you think I should keep talking about these issues and possibly draw unwanted attention to myself or should I quiet down and become invisible. Your opinion carries weight with me.


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