Tuesday, July 18, 2017

When 911 and prayer fails you , there is always a loaded gun!

A more philosophical post: In a world where granite counter tops and stainless steel appliances are considered a necessity it shouldn't come as a surprise that mankind is living in a fantasy far removed from the jungle. People who talk about fairness and justice have never known real hunger, have never been scared to death, have never felt the cold empty feeling that comes over you when you realize that you are alone and no one cares whether you live or die.

In reality, separated from the false sense of security that this so called civilization provides roams predators seeking prey, like in any wild place in the world. they seek out the weak, the sickly, the stupid, the naïve and take from them whatever they desire.

You here the sound of breaking glass! You hear muffled voices and giggles and you realize that someone has broken in your house. They are going to kill you after they rape and torture your daughter and your wife and make you watch! What do you do? call 911! pray?

Reality check: the police show up in time to interview any survivors, look for clues, and make it look like they care. They get paid even if they don't catch the bad guys or solve the crime so after a short time the case turns cold, they move on to the next statistic and no one ever pays for killing you and your family. That's man's law. A pathetic joke. Man's law works one time out of a hundred, maybe. The rest of the time it is an illusion. An empty threat usually. For everyone caught and convicted of a serious crime 99 get away with it and do it again and again.

Now if you listened to your inner voice and obeyed the law of the jungle which is: kill or be killed, eat or be eaten, show no mercy your wife and daughter would still be alive, you would still be alive, and you would be explaining to the police who finally showed up why it was necessary to kill these miserable pieces of human filth who had invaded your home and threatened you and your family. That law works. Always has since the beginning of time. 

I don't care if you are old, crippled and weak-a loaded gun and the grim determination to use it if necessary gives you a chance to survive. Arm yourself- protecting yourself and your family is YOUR job! It is your natural animal right to fight for your own life!

The Rat


  1. Yep, arm yourself and be able to use it if someone breaks in your home.

    1. Damn Mary, don't you ever sleep? You are almost as bad as me! ha ha

  2. It's a right as old as time... it's basic.

    1. A lot of people have been domesticated to the point they won't even defend themselves.. It's not there fault, I blame society for sugar coating everything. Guys that grew up in the streets didn't come home from war with PTSD. They didn't have their reality shattered. good hearing from you. My best to the Mrs.


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