Friday, August 4, 2017

Are 10 year olds old enough to understand "Gender Fluid"?

Here is one reason why America is going down the drain!

That little boy is only 10 years old. He should be out playing with other boys and getting dirty instead of having his mother put him in dresses and convincing him he is some kind of gay freak. 

This is CHILD ABUSE, plain and simple. This poor child will need therapy! He should be placed with a foster family who will attempt to undue the brain washing his left wing fanatic parents has made him endure. His parents should be sterilized and put in prison or a mental institution and not be allowed around him or any child ever again!
This is my opinion. You are not required to agree. It is a free country!

the rat


  1. hah! you ought to come to canada. ontario plans to issue "gender neutral" birth certificates! you don't assign gender until the kid decides or displays what the correct sex is! and this is just the tip of the ice berg.


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