Sunday, August 6, 2017

Attitude is everything

I think the reason people talk about politics so much is it represents the world around them and the events that affect them more than other topics. Everyone criticizes the government. Liberals criticize Conservatives and Conservatives criticizes Liberals. Catholics and Protestants both supposedly worship the same god, believe in the same salvation and yet are opposed to one another on a fundamental level. Divided instead of United. Imagine what kind of world we could build if we stopped our bickering and worked together. We really could make America Great Again!

Attitude is everything. When we have a positive attitude we find solutions. When we have a negative attitude we resolve ourselves to our circumstances. The difference between stagnation and growth is measured in how hard the living thing is willing to try. When you quit trying , you are defeated regardless of the current score. You are beat. You have resigned and thrown in the towel.

I would like to think that we AMER-I-CANs can bounce back. We can get up, brush ourselves off and go to center ring and fight some more! Attitude is more important than strength or toughness or skill. A man or a country that refuses to quit is almost impossible to beat! This prevailing attitude of doom and gloom that seems to permeate every aspect of life will indeed be our downfall if we don't get mad, get busy, get determined!

Americans don't QUIT! We fight, we get knocked down, we get back up and fight harder and smarter and keep at it till we WIN! The enemy gets tired, begins to doubt his ability, slows down a little and pretty soon you land the first punch and then the second and all of a sudden you are beating the hell out of him! But it starts with attitude!  Hell! remember what the toy Buzz Lightyear says:
" Never give up, never surrender"

the rat


  1. So true Rat! Good post. Staying positive is one of my biggest struggles, but I keep at it 'cuz being negative all the time has no value. It sure as hell doesn't improve anything. Keep us the good work my man!

    1. My attitude sucks about 95 percent of the time. I am such a hypocrite! All you can do is try brother! All you can do is try!


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