Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Does believing in law and order make you a Fascist?

When I tell someone they have commented for the last time and they are no longer welcomed here I god damn mean it Geo! You are the reason I changed my comment message. I don't want your brand of "discussion" I don't want to play the word game, the vocabulary game, and guess what, I do not have to justify my opinions to you! I don't need your validation. I recognize a social justice warrior when I encounter one. Are you part of the Zionist movement promoting this "multiculturalism? I thought you were white! You appear to be advocating white genocide.

Perhaps I am not "progressive" enough for some of my readers but I am honest. I no longer pretend to accept behaviors and attitudes I find repulsive because of political correctness. I'm old fashioned. I am not naïve enough to think that any of this will get fixed in my lifetime. It won't. The brain washing has already done the damage, the media has already polluted the minds of our youth with the notion that perversion is normal and should be accepted. I am a dinosaur for sure. But I won't pretend one god damned second longer that I am OK with the moral decay and the irrational notion that somehow interracial marriage will cure the racial strife that exists when you force people to live together that would prefer to be separate.

I have already written about this and addressed it recently. I no longer wish to dwell on this topic because some ignorant mother fuckers don't have enough sense to know when they aren't wanted and go away! I am not going to embrace some bastard standing on the street corner with his pants half way to his knees drinking a 40 ounce malt liquor out of a paper sack to prove how god damned liberal I can be.  He is probably selling drugs to your children dumbass.

Believing in law and order does not make me a fascist .

the rat

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