Thursday, August 3, 2017

Firestone Easy Jack IPA Beer review!

Tried out another 6 pack of something different:

Firestone Easy Jack IPA Beer

Alcohol by volume 4.5 percent

6 different malts and 4 different hops.

Reminds me of good German beer. Might be to "hearty" for the average Pussy American who thinks that Miller Piss is beer.  Strong aroma, a little bite. Not bad for the price. Around 10 bucks for a six pack.

Not bad if you are eating barbecue!

I give it 3 smiley faces. 😋😋😋

Working hard for you America! Somebody has got to drink all these beers and report.

the Rat


  1. Nice that you found another that you like.

    1. It's OK. I'll probably never buy it again.


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