Friday, August 4, 2017

I attract trolls here like flies on shit!

For some inexplicable reason I attract trolls here like flies on shit! Hmmm...poor example! ha ha ha

Moving on anyway. No more. If I wanted insulted and ridiculed I would have stayed married to my first wife! ha ha ha ha

Here it is another Friday evening. I took my mobility scooter up to the mailboxes in the dark so I could run the battery down a little and put it back on the charger. My sweet baby is approaching 65 years old and the junk mail is horrific. About 3 offers a day for some kind of supplemental something or other. I am grateful she has supplemental through the VA. (CHAMPVA)

Say what you want about the Veteran's administration, they were slow deciding my claim way back when but they have been great ever since. I had a colonoscopy in February that didn't cost me a cent. The wife got her defib put in her chest and that didn't cost anything either. Didn't have to pay for the helicopter that transported her to Las Vegas. I know people who have gone bankrupt because of that helicopter ride. Medivacs aren't cheap!

Lucky to have the benefits I have. I've got to go see the neurologist next month in Vegas because the neuropathy in my legs is getting worse. May need to increase my nerve meds. It rained real good twice so I don't have to water for a few days. All I got left is the oleanders and the trees in front. I got rid of everything else to reduce the work load and the water bill.

I'll write more when I think of something worth talking about!



  1. I am trying to decide where to "base" my VA care from. I have the card and a priority but never have needed to use them yet. However I turn 71 in a week and am trying to decide if I want to base it here in north Alabama or some other location I might be at often. Sooner or later we know I will need it.

    1. Anywhere that is convenient for you. Ask the local vets their opinion and get some feedback before you decide. You are lucky to be healthy at 71. The VA has been keeping me alive since I was 43! good hearing from you Barney.

  2. My husband takes Gabapentin for Neuropathy in his feet and while it only helps a little, he said it was enough to take the edge off. Have you tried that medication?

    1. Yes! I have been taking Gabapentin for years! You get used to it eventually and need more and more.


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