Friday, August 4, 2017

I don't allow myself to be offended by low IQ borderline retarded people

Well, I am not surprised that the " wannabe loud mouthed , opinionated Rambo shit stain who never got closer to military service than a shooting range" couldn't show the level of maturity necessary to just let it go! Just had to respond with some lame ass remark meant to infuriate me and with any luck hurt my feelings.

I don't allow myself to be offended by low IQ borderline retarded people. Compare our websites for example: I have over a hundred followers and he has maybe 10. I have  a graphic of a roaring beast and a quote from Dylan Thomas and his blog features a portable toilet! My blog has over 600,000 views and he won't even publish his numbers but admits they are "pitiful".

Jealousy perhaps, because he know he will never be the man I am, lived the life I have lived, seen the places I have seen. He obviously doesn't like what he sees when he looks in the mirror. I have rarely encountered someone so full of rage and self loathing. No wonder his daughter grew up and rebelled and embraced being a lesbian! After living with him I imagine it would be difficult to ever look at any man with desire. I used to feel sorry for him but let's face it, he is his own worst enemy. He drove his daughter away! I feel sorry for his wife and his daughter and rest of his family. To many people making to many excuses for this childish bastard who won't take responsibility for his own actions.

So he comes to my blog and mouths off about me! Why? I have had a wonderful life. I am proud of my life. Do I whine about my disabilities? Do I? He seems to think so, do you? Am I a militant atheist or do I embrace a live and let live attitude? He seems to think I am constantly insulting religious people. Trust me, I show a lot of restraint when it comes to that subject.  I have said numerous times "Life is hard, do what you have to do to cope." Does that sound like an attack on religion to you?

I probably shouldn't bother to post this but maybe he will read it and some of what I am saying will get through. I doubt it.



  1. I don't know who this person is...But I have a no time for bullies...I hope I show you respect and kindness on your blog, although I might not agree with all your post...Now I wish you and the Mrs a good day...Coffee is on

    1. I don't know why this person hates me. It is sad. We live thousands of miles apart from each other and have never met. He just decided to hate a person he doesn't know on the internet. sounds crazy to me! good hearing from you Ms Dora. you're an angel!

    2. Trolls are a by-product (waste matter) of the internet. They are Sub-Humans who have created nothing nor have accomplished anything meaningful in there lives and never will.
      My dentist has a sign out in front of his business that says “Go Ahead, Ignore Your Teeth, They’ll Go Away!”
      Same applies to the troll, never ever respond or acknowledge they exist even in a non-related comment. It will drive them crazy!

      Have a great day Rat!

    3. thank you Mr. Mike! I agree. I went back and deleted the comments. Someday I'll learn my lesson....


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