Saturday, August 12, 2017

I went to the Coin Shop and bought some more Silver coins.

I had to go out today, first to the bank for a cashiers check and then the Post Office to send a couple of things registered mail. So I thought I would stop by my favorite coin shop and see what new things he might have since my last visit.

Since silver is low right now I bought another dozen American Eagles. Got a few dates I didn't already have. I found a nice 2014 MS69 Australia Saltwater Crocodile Early Release coin. I got it for less than current book value and it is a nice coin.

I got a BU Australian Funnel Spider 2015.

 Of course, both coins have the side view of Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse. I'll show you one more. This is a 2015 2 dollar coin with the hawksbill  turtle from New Zealand. Also got Queen Elizabeth on the  front.
All three coins are one oz. .999 pure silver. Of course they are worth considerably more than silver spot as collectables.  Every time I win gambling I take my winnings and buy coins! I was waiting for the weather to cool back down to normal and to feel better for a trip to the coin shop.

A fun hobby I can enjoy sitting on my butt. No running shoes or mountain bikes involved. Just a good magnifying glass! Hope you enjoyed seeing them. I bought more but I'll save them for another time.

The Rat


  1. I saw silver was up a few cents. Spending your gambling winnings on silver is a fine idea!

    1. Not all my collection is silver, I like other coins as well. But I do have a fondness for silver dollars. I have lots of Morgans and Peace dollars as well as Eagles.

  2. i like morgans. it just feels good to walk around with coin in my pocket that might have been in some cowboy's or outlaw's pocket 140 years ago.

    1. Yeah! You get it! Coins are a history lesson , a geography lesson, and art! I am not a fanatic coin collector I don't think, I just collect whatever I like. I have lots of valueless coins that are special to me!


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