Wednesday, August 2, 2017

If the Zombie Apocalypse Occurs, Liberals will want to Marry them! Another Rant!

I think my favorite definition of freedom is: Freedom is the right not to like everybody!

That's right! There are people I don't like and that's my right. I don't agree with them, I think their point of view is stupid, I think that they are liars who twist the truth into an unrecognizable fiction, and they are traitors to not only their country and race but their very DNA programming.

They are called Liberals.

I used to claim to have some liberal values but it turns out I didn't understand what liberalism meant. I am open minded, not liberal. I am willing to listen to others point of view and make a value judgment, not liberal. I was willing to call a perversion a perversion, not liberal. I want to call what is illegal, illegal and not make excuses for the law breaking, not liberal. I don't support "programs" that support invaders and law breakers. Not liberal.

I agree with enforcing immigration laws more strictly.A Conservative view. I think if we can't stop the flow of illegals and drugs into America any other way we should build a very big Fucking  WALL! Yes, liberals! A big wall! Complete with state of the art electronic security. Not a chain link fence or some silly little bullshit. A big beautiful, concrete and steel wall that makes the Great Wall of China look like a picket fence!

For instance: I am sick to death of the words "undocumented worker". They have been called God damned Wetbacks since Eisenhower was President but a group of Social Justice Warriors whined about it and decided undocumented workers sounded better. Another example of doublespeak being used to twist and distort the truth. I'll say it again-WETBACKS! Sneaking into our country successfully shouldn't be rewarded with anything but handcuffs and jail cells.

Another example of doublespeak distorting the truth is the word Gay! They are homosexuals, not Gay. It is not normal, never has been normal, never will be normal. Now let me say that I don't condone violence against these poor mentally ill people, but I refuse to pretend like I approve of their behavior and I refuse to call it normal. Hearing a man refer to another man as his "husband" is just wrong! Sorry...Sounds wrong, is wrong! Wanting to stick your pecker up an asshole  is not normal, never has been normal, and never will be normal. There is a reason that behavior was hid in the closet. It's perverted!

While I am at it, keep your limp wristed sweaty little liberal hands the fuck off my Confederate flag!

Freedom=Not having to agree. Not required to like everybody! Get it?

the Rat

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