Saturday, August 5, 2017

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness

Hello Friends,

     There seems to be a prevailing attitude in America that we are witnessing the collapse of our great country. I maintain that with enough of that defeatist mindset it is possible for it to become a self fulfilling prophecy. I have been guilty on several occasions adding my two cents worth to the large amount of negativity that is circulating the internet. I regret that.

America's strength is the American people. Morale is low to be sure. This bothers me more and more. I love this country. It has done more for me than I was ever able to do for it and I am grateful and feel truly blessed to have been born an American.

I consider serving in my countries military to have been an honor and a privilege, not just a duty.

That having been said I am not going to make grand claims about how great we are. We have struggled with our racial problems the entire life of our country. We have had bitter differences with Mexico. We have on more than one occasion gotten to big for our britches in my opinion. We don't have the right to tell other countries how to govern themselves.

I am also of the opinion that with the backdoor deals, the creation of the Federal Reserve System, the lobbyists, big money donations to Congress and the Senate that corruption has run rampant for over half of our existence as a country.

But in the final analysis, we are Americans! We work harder than anyone if needed. We fight harder than anyone if needed. We have a deep seated love for our country despite it's faults. On a simple level we are the country of Baseball, barbecue and beautiful babes. ON a more serious level we are the people who formed a new nation where life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness were considered unalienable rights!

 Our freedom was bought with a terrible price, let us never forget that and let us never forget that eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.

the rat

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