Tuesday, August 8, 2017

No foreigners' sale sign violates civil rights 

Officials: 'No foreigners' sale sign violates civil rights 

Once again an American citizen, (a veteran of Iraq) is being discriminated against because he doesn't want to sell his house to "foreigners". He is being accused of violating the current state discrimination laws. Story can be found here.

In other words here in the land of the "free" we can't sell our property to people of our own choosing! Can you believe it America? Here is a quote from a real estate broker/social justice warrior that really show the agenda.

"Let’s also uphold the laws of this country, and realize we’re a multicultural society and we need to be acting like that and welcoming to people no matter what racial background, no matter what country they are from,” she said. (Highlights are added)

 No one, and I mean no one is going to make me sell my property to "foreigners" who have no intention of "assimilating" I wouldn't do that to my neighbors. Once again the law takes the wrong side! Wake Up America. It could be your neighborhood next time!