Thursday, August 10, 2017

Part 3- Still rough

I don't know which is worse, the actual certified Psychologist who speaks in the third person and behaves as though he doesn't really want to be there OR the amateur shrink who took Introduction to Psychology in college and thinks that 3 credit hours makes them qualified to help everyone they meet!

Both are equally amusing in a pathetic sad sort of way. Kind of like tittie fucking and clowns. Not quite sure what to make of any of it. I read all the blogs I normally read and the latest thing to be scared to death about is North Korea! ha ha ha . Come on! Hell, let's see what the little bastard can do. I might be concerned if I was in Guam or maybe even Hawaii, but there are people scared to death who are currently residing in Kentucky. Apparently folks in Kentucky have never seen a world map. They think North Korea is up by Michigan somewhere!

I'm telling you folks, you can't make this shit up! ha ha ha Irrational fear is funny as hell! Yes, we are all going to die! It's simply a matter of when! Time to deal with it like adults. When you are through with all your ambitious  nonsense, death is waiting patiently..

Besides! if little Kim could manage to launch a missile that far you could attain you life's ambition and go and be with JESUS!!!!!!!!!!Isn't that the goal? Tell him I said Hi! ha ha ha  In case you can't tell, I am getting better slowly. I have climbed up the ladder one rung and gone from despair to disgust! Still quite a ways to go before I reach tolerance, false concern and the level of hypocrisy necessary to fake giving a shit!

Free at last! free at last! I don't give a shit and I'm free at last!