Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Smoke and Mirrors! You are being fooled!

I don't understand what has happened to America. World Trade Centers get crashed into killing thousands of people, no one gets god damned mad. Hell, I'm still mad. Riots and cars getting tipped over and shit on fire, hoodlums walking the streets trying to intimidate policemen and still, no one gets mad. Gangs have practically taken over large segments of our Nations major cities, still no one gets mad!. ANTIFA walks the streets terrifying little old ladies out walking their dogs and what is done. Where is the fire hoses? Where are the nightsticks, the teargas? Why are these sons of bitches being allowed to get away with this shit?

When Pearl Harbor got bombed in a sneak attack, the Japanese remarked that they had awakened a sleeping giant! They knew we were pissed and to get ready because we are coming! When they started bombing Iraq with the so called "shock and awe" I expected the place to get blown to bits! Not one brick left on top of another one! No roads, no bridges, no infrastructure of any kind. It's called sending them back to the dark ages. The shock and awe looked more like a fireworks display. A 30 day war. Turn back Saddam from going into Kuwait. Mission accomplished . Miller Time.

A few years later If you believe what they want you to believe then it was Saudi nationals who hijacked the Trade Center aircraft. We Attack the wrong country for no good reason but that's alright. Junior was just getting some more payback for daddy was one theory. Another was Saddam wouldn't play nice with the International Bankers. We have learned from history that failing to get along with the international bankers is bad for your health.

13 Embassy attacks during George W's two terms in office. 60 some people killed but the media made Benghazi sound like the worst thing that ever happened in our countries history. We are being kept in the dark and feed huge amounts of bullshit and still-not mad. Yes Benghazi was awful. More good people lost. But so was all the other attacks that went "unmentioned". The four diplomats from the Benghazi incident got more press and television time then the Marine Corp Barracks bombing that killed 160+ Marines! What the hell? America.......

When are we going to quit worrying about phone apps and video games and start acting like citizens who actually give a shit? Everyone stays on President's Trump back instead of looking into the years worth of crap that went unnoticed. Same way "they" always do it. Distract the ignorant zombie Americans with something else and they won't notice what's really going on!

the rat


  1. Well the old Rat is back! Good to hear it.
    My guess is in 15 years we will be another Valenzuela, socialized by Bernie and Dem's and ending with a dictator. Well sort of ending. If they don't confiscate all weapons the white taxpayer will begin and end the civil war that's surely to come. It won't be fought in the streets but taken to their homes, restaurants and where they least expect it 24/7 and it won't have a list of who's off limits.

    1. good to see you here Mike!

    2. Been hot enough for you so far! :-)
      The world is a mess now. We have NoKo, Venezuela, Iran, Cuba, Russia and the Muzzies all ready to gang up on us. Going to get interesting soon.

    3. I am going to join your followers list again. NO hard feelings. I think we are on the same page even if it doesn't appear that way all the time.


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