Thursday, August 3, 2017

Some Thursday Thoughts

 This blog never became what I wanted it to be, to many insults, to many trolls, to many misunderstandings, to many hurt feelings. Then there were the mean spirited mother fuckers who didn't care that they were insulting a crippled up disabled veteran who suffers chronic pain and blogs to keep his mind occupied. Vicious attacks on my manhood , my character, my honesty. Religious people doing what they do best-judging others! or some wannabe loud mouthed , opinionated Rambo shit stain who never got closer to military service than a shooting range.

The whiners whose feelings are like a minefield. You have to inch your way along, being careful to not accidently step on one of those easily hurt feelings or they will explode in a fury of accusations and rebukes!

The chronic complainers who list a group of maladies and diseases you have to look up in a medical dictionary every time you have a conversation with them. Oh, they are being so brave, gritting their teeth and suffering in silence except of course for  the 10 paragraph post detailing their latest aches and pains.

I have learned a lot in the last 6 years. I thought I was a Liberal! Turns out I'm not. I don't think I am a conservative either. I care about Mrs. Rat and Grayson my cat, a few friends and very little else. I don't have a bleeding heart, don't give a shit about the poor, don't care about politics, I am not worried about the economy or it's potential collapse. I don't live in fear! Not even a little bit. I have survived almost 67 years so far and  I will continue to survive till my time is up!  No point in talking about it anymore. Just survive the best I can for the years I have left.

Lastly the religious fanatics who weren't satisfied to live and let live but insisted that you must embrace their fantasies and completely validate their beliefs or you are an agent of Satan. Pitiful! mentally ill fuckers. Hail Satan!  Prince of Darkness! There how's that fucking grab you? ha ha ha ha


the rat


  1. I do not fit into a pigeonholed definition of liberal or conservative either. I thin that most people who spend time thinking like you or I do realize that those terms are too confining and mostly designed for folks who do not choose to think to be able to "pick a team" to root for, sort of like in sports.

    For me, I tend towards liberalism to a degree, because I believe we should have equal and fair treatment for all of our citizens in things like wages and health care. I tend to be conservative in how I live my life, being frugal and careful and by trying to not waste the things I have.

    You mentioned today the chronic pain you have. I do not know if you live in a state that has medical marijuana or not. And, I do not even know what marijuana is actually like, never having tried said. But I have heard told to me by a variety of folks that it can be very helpful for chronic pain, and is unlikely to be as habit forming as some other things. It might be worth considering if your state allows it.


    1. I live in a state that has recreational marijuana and medical marijuana. However , it is still illegal at the Federal level and I get my retirement check from the Veteran's Administration. I have smoked it long ago and I don't think it would help my nerve pain much. Bourbon works but my liver is starting to give out so there you have it. Damned if I do, damned if I don't.

  2. Hail Satan, eh? That was actually pretty damn funny. You made me laugh. Hope you have a good night.

    1. Glad I made you laugh. I imagine a lot of people didn't think it was funny at all! ha ha ha


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