Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Tuesday Afternoon Wind down!

Perhaps I am being unreasonable, expecting others to care with the same level of passion I do! Being a disabled veteran, I am reminded on a daily basis the sacrifices that have been made so this wonderful country can remain. The blood that has been spilled on foreign soil, the lives lost, the pain and suffering of those involved and those waiting back home for their loved ones safe return.

When I strap on my leg brace and take my morning handful of pills, for me every day is Memorial Day and Veterans Day and the Fourth of July all wrapped up into one. I fly the flag out in front of my house everyday. You come to take that one down you will have to fight me! I harbor no ill will towards the other races. I have served along side many fine black men who served this country with pride and distinction. The same can be said for the many fine Hispanic men who served our great country. I have had Muslim roommates and Jewish roommates. They were Americans who cared about America!

We were united by a desire to protect our common home. Now we have been turned against each other by an evil conspiracy designed to divide and conquer us and my fellow Americans it is working! The country is becoming fragmented into little groups of self interest.  Our government has lost the trust of the people, the elections get questioned, we have witnessed the anger of people refusing to honor the election results and carrying signs that say "Not my President".   I don't recall another election that resulted in riots and demonstrations after the election.

In the past when the election was over, we tried real hard to support the new President. But all that changed with Obama. He occupied the White House for 8 years and for 8 years the country became more partisan. More divided.  More fragmented. Now President Trump has been elected and look at the daily attacks on his character. The wedge gets driven in deeper everyday!  Look at how everything he tries to do is scrutinized and analyzed and criticized! I am sad for my country. If that makes me get fired up and I rant it is because I care so much. Perhaps I should just accept the fact that it is to late to fix everything and just sit in my back yard and live in denial like most of you!

the Rat


  1. I have to say I'm not a fan or President Trump but when I post my opinion on him or his policy. I still repect the office that he was elected to, and use the wording...President Trump...I'm a American I belong to no politcal party but tend to leaning to more liberal side...I'm still that generation that you speak to elder with respect...you know Mr and Mrs so so. Teacher was never called by there first name..Unless you were given permssion...Coffee is on

    1. Respect and courtesy are necessary ingredients of a successful society. When they are gone society is on the decline. thanks for taking the time to comment Ms Dora.


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