Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Konstantina Andritsou - 7 year old girl guitarist playing @ Megaro - Athens


  1. This was a very wonderful video. Obviously her young age makes it very special to be so talented, but in a bigger way, I am always so appreciative of folks who can play classical guitar. I wish I had enough gumption and talent to be able to play in that style on the guitar. But, I am not particularly adept at string instruments. I wish I were. I do play a few wind instruments and that is wonderful for me, because music and producing music is very helpful for me to get "outside" of my mind into something greater and more meaningful than my day-to-day work and life duties.

    Do you play any instruments, Rat?

    1. some guitar, banjo, harmonica. The holy trinity of hillbilly instruments!


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